The Tick Mobile Speaker redefines minimalism in audio technology

When you’re doing chores around the house, having music playing in the background makes even the most boring of all tasks bearable. But the problem with most people who like to play music on their big, expensive and elaborate audio players is that they cannot be towed from room to room especially if you happen to live with a roommate or have a family that doesn’t like your taste in music and don’t want the sound interfering with their own activities. Ideally, people would tell you to simply buy a Bluetooth headset or a Bluetooth-enabled mini countertop speaker. But just in case that is too simple a solution for you, you can always trying something like the Tick Mobile Speaker created by designer Bence Kovácsik.

The Tick

The moveable plug-in speaker uses the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) system to route music wirelessly from your audio player, iPhone or smartphone though you’re music player would have to be DLNA enabled and have a Wi-Fi system setup in your house for you to be able to stream music through it.

The Tick Mobile Speaker can basically be plugged into a socket though it also comes with a rather longish wire that allows it to be hung up on pegs or even around your body if you fancy that. Made from recycled tire, the body of speaker is sturdy, fall-proof and electric shock-proof. The Tick comes with a cork stand and an automatically recoiling cable management system to make it almost as equally as desirable as its hassle-free Bluetooth counterparts.

[Thanks Bence]

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