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Thumbdrive USB works just like the pipette from chemistry labs

Pocket sized USB drives go everywhere with us. People carry them around in bags or sometimes also their pockets as one needs to plug and unplug these devices often. Instead of carrying around the same routine looking rectangular tubes, designer Sasi Tharan from Nanyang Polytechnic has come out with a very innovative concept. The design of this USB has been inspired from a pipette. Remember the thin glassy straw like apparatus using which you transferred acids and solvents from one beaker to another.

Pipette Thumbdrive

Well, this device will relocate data just like the pipette in laboratories transfer liquids from one container to another. Well, not actually the data, but the release mechanism of the plug will work in the same way. After filling up the pipette with a liquid, you have to seal its open end with your finger. Only when you release the finger, will the liquid flow into another beaker, otherwise it will stay inside the pipette. The dandy design takes off on this mechanism also looks real neat. It resembles the crest of a spinning top, only it holds a data storage USB at its base.

Although the two pieces of the USB are separate from each other, both come in handy when you are working on your desktop. The plug of this USB can be used as a support for your machine. The plug has a flat surface on one side while the other end holds a pointed tip. The flat surface, when attached to the base of your machine, props it up at an angle. Thus, whilst acting as a support, the plug gives a boost to the air circulation and also enhances the screen view of your machine.

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