Throwie Digital Alarm Clock allows children to create and tell their own tales

Throwie Digital Alarm

Collaborating with famous international artists from the various fields like fine arts, graphic design, graffiti, mainstream fashion, illustration, music and even industrial design, the world’s premier designer and retailer of limited edition toys and apparel, Kidrobot combines street art, fashion and urban art into their products. The Throwie Digital Alarm Clock concept by industrial designer Michael Ly draws from the kid-friendly urban culture inspired products of the company, and aims at being more than a time piece for city-dwelling children.

Since graffiti artists are required to “throw” their artwork on wall in a limited amount of time, Throwie becomes a symbol for the quickly created street art. The free flowing swoops and sharp edges of graffiti patterns inspire the form of Throwie setting it apart from traditional timepieces.

The most popular in Kidrobot’s series of designer toys are the soft vinyl figurines Dunny and Munny, which look like animated animals that draw their shape from urban graffiti and stencil arts. Dunnys are commissioned pieces with world renowned artists being commissioned by the firm to create specialty pieces while the Munnys are the black DIY pieces that can be customized by users.

Throwie looks to embody the collective ownership concept from these toys and looks to be both, a commissioned work of art as well as a canvas, which would allow children to create and tell their own tales. The designer intends to give users the option of having three Throwies run in unison which would offer users a greater degree of interaction with the toy-like clock.

With a built-in music player and fully functioning timepiece, Throwie looks to be more than just a clock for the child that uses it. Its unique toy-like appeal would allow children to connect with it on an intimate level by spinning stories around the artwork that they create on it.

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