Three-in-one sofa rolls to become a lounge or a table

rolling sofa 2
Other than lightweight, durability and clean and sleek looks, multifunctional usage or modularity is an important aspect of modern furniture, which, considering the fact that modern city apartments are getting smaller day by day, continues to impress contemporary buyers. The “Rolling Sofa” by Irish designer Joanne Lombard is yet another versatile piece of outdoor (garden) furniture that when rolled turns from a two-seat sofa into a chaise lounge and even a table, twisting to the requirements of the users and different occasions. Finished with removable acrylic glass side panels, which the user can change to personalize the sofa, the three-in-one furniture isn’t too bad a pick for indoors either. The Rolling Sofa project was sponsored by the Serralunga, an Italian furniture manufacturer, during Erasmus in Politecnico di Milano.

rolling sofa 3
rolling sofa 4
rolling sofa 5
rolling sofa 6
rolling sofa 7

[Cheers Joanne]

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