Let your thoughts ride with Chaotic Moon Labs’ Board of Imagination

Several ground breaking ideas were brought forward in CES 2012. The craziest of all ideas was Chaotic Moon Labs’ Board of Imagination. You might be thinking what makes it so awesome. Well, the board can be controlled through your thoughts only. There is a headset that reads the brainwaves and transfers signals to an 800 watt motor. So if you need to hurry and reach somewhere in time just think of the destination, the speed by which you want to travel and you are good to go. If again you think that you are not supposed to travel this fast, the board will decrease the speed accordingly.

Board of Imagination

The setup consists of a board with a mounted Samsung tablet with windows 8 special software. Apart from this, a headset is worn by the rider that reads the brain signals. The headset is called Emotiv EPOC and it reads and processes brain signals. The signals are sent to the tablet wirelessly, which then drives the motor accordingly.

To ride the board you just have to stand on it, think of your destination, think how fast you want to go on the board and the gadget fixed in it takes care of the rest. The board has a special xbox kinect, which reads riders hand movements to convert them into commands that are decoded by the software in the Samsung Tablet.

The software adapts to the rider and you have to practice a bit using a computer profile. Then that profile acts as the template, which is used in the tablet software. This profile tells the software about the person’s command related thought patterns. However there’s still one problem left which is related to brain. The rider has to keep in mind that his focus should be on hands giving directions instead of other countless thoughts. The inventors have to take care of this issue since this is going to be a problem with most of the riders.

Via: The Verge

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