Thonet 18 Vienna cafe chair by Matthias Pliessnig, a nest to own!

thonet 1
Chairs are all around and have become a part of our life. However, innovations are taking place in chairs also. Not only more functional but even more cute and architectural designs are being produced. Hats off to the creative minds as some of them are so appealing that even if of no use, they are purchased and kept as a show piece.

One such example is this chair by Matthias Pliessnig. Where the designer has created many such designs previously too, this one is quite hilarious. The piece is named ‘Thonet 18 Vienna cafe chair’ and has a nest like charm to it. The chair has oak strips wrapped all around the Thonet chair in a nice woven pattern. What is exceptional about the structure is that it doesn’t use any kind of glue or screws at all. You can’t obviously sit on it but it’s cool to be admired from a distance.

Source: Core77

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