fLIP fLOP Aperitivi: An eco-friendly beachwear essential

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Don’t you just hate it when you go to a beach to relax catching up with friends over a few drinks and you have to get your nails dirty digging a hole to stand your drink in? Well, all that is about to change since come party lover has created this innovative new pair of flip-flops for the benefit of beach regulars around the world. the pair offers users not just the benefit of having super-comfortable footwear for the beach, but also turns into a handy glass holder thanks to a pair of round shapes at the heel. The table-cum-slip-ons are ideal for impromptu beach parties with friends and family. The super eco-friendly flip-flops are completely natural and environment friendly with their leather, midollino and rattan construction that offers users ease and practicality of use and the comfort of an organic and ergonomic design.

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Source: Tommaso Colia

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