Thimble finger glove allows multimedia access to the visually impaired

concept finger glove 01

Modern gadgets and technology may have changed the life of normal users, but there are very few or no gadgets to assist or entertain special users, especially the visually impaired, which could add some flavor to their bleak, isolated lives. Addressing the issue, designer Erik Hedberg teaming up with Zack Bennet has developed an innovative finger glove that apart from working as a magic wand also allows multimedia access to the visually impaired. Hailed as “Thimble,” the concept device embeds an optical scanner capable of translating paper text into Braille messages on the fingertip of the glove. Moreover, the sensor-laced fingertip acts as a location-aware connection to the Internet to provide news and confirm the current location, via Braille messages, of the user. Check out the video after the jump.

concept finger glove 02
concept finger glove 03

Via: Dvice/Fashioningtech

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