Thermotech G17 Heated Ski Boot to keep your feet warm on freezing ski slopes

If you’re not the kind of person that would invest in high quality thermal inner wear, really warm socks and quality, chill-repelling skiing boots, then you’d be more than familiar with the problem of getting severely chilled feet on the ski slopes. Being in the snow on a mountain, avoiding the cold isn’t really an option and since jumping up and down wearing skies to get the blood flowing into your feet to warm them up is not a possible feat, which means that specialized snow footwear like the Thermotech G17 Heated Ski Boot could be your best friend on your skiing trip.

Heated Ski Boot

Created by designer Rajinder Sidhu, the Thermotech G17 Heated Ski Boot is designed to only start heating up once its sensors detect a drop in the temperature of the wearer’s foot, which prevents the shoe from getting too warm at any given moment.

Heated Ski Boot

Housed within the sole bed and the sole of the ski boot, the heating system runs on batteries and combines with a thermistor sensor system that senses when the skin temperature of a user’s foot has dropped below a certain point and initiates a gradual heating process to bring it up to the desired level. Once the user’s feet have reached the desired temperature, the system turns the heating off automatically.

Heated Ski Boot

Source: Rajinder Sidhu

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