The world’s first Swiss Army Knife

roman army knife 02

Excavated from the Mediterranean area about twenty years back, this is an intricately designed Roman implement, which dating back to 200AD could well be hailed as the first Swiss Army Knife in the world. Presently on display at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England, as part of a collection of Greek and Roman artifacts, the Roman Swiss Knife is made of silver that like its modern counterpart integrates a blade (iron), spoon, fork and a retractable spike, possibly to snag snails out of their shells, together with spatula and small toothpick. Moreover, all the tools fold into the handle, which keeps it safe as well as compact for easy transportation. The 3” x 6” (8cm x 15cm) knife, though small, is yet another example of the knack and ascendancy of the Great Roman Empire.

roman army knife 01

Via: Dailymail/Gizmodo

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