The whacky building in Dubai!


Ever seen or heard of a whackily crazy building? Well, there is one to be built in Dubai by a Honk Kong firm James Law Cybertecture. Why this building is unique? Let me enlighten you. Named Shuffle Towers, this building is divided into sub-stratas and it literally shuffles!The top portion is a residential tower. The bottom section of the tower is reserved for a whopping shopping mall and the middle section for offices. Wait there is a twist here. This building has round spaces from nowhere and it is suspended in between. These spaces suffice for communal gardens. How does it shuffle? Well, the entire building’s makeshift is such that it is mechanically able to twist(each section slowly). Why? Simple! To give the view of the ocean differently! Well, we must wait till 2009 for its completion. My eyes are waiting to see such a marvel! What about you?


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