The Vault – Closer to nature but safe and comfortable

amanew1 Phtzp 7071
If you had always dreamed about a car that lets you stay in touch with nature but also keeps you warm, safe and cozy, then The Vault is the right vehicle for you. Javier Rivera Figueredo, who designed The Vault made sure it not only is green but also looks and feels green. The car has a transparent case, which lets you feel nature more closely. This connection between you and nature has been guaranteed by this transparent car and if you wish to drive in the mountains, when it is drizzling, you could enjoy spectacular views. You couldn’t get closer to nature in a car and stay dry, safe and comfortable.

amanew2 kGVNp 7071
1 Nori1 17340
2 JgXXL 17340

Via: AutoMotto

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