The ultimate multifunctional watch – Sky Watch Sports Watch Phone

sky watch

The concept:

Sky is the limit with this ultimate hybrid- the Sky Watch. A touch screen watch-like exterior which can tell time and dates, with dual time zone functionality and a power saver mode. Housing a Barometer, thermometer, compass, pedometer, altimeter and a stopwatch, this watch is a personification of the prefect athlete.

But providing the smallest phone strapped onto the wrist is the best feature it offers. Quad band technology enables it to work as a phone-set all around the globe. If it can be a phone and an athlete’s best friend, can’t it also be a mini music player with a 2 GB built-in memory? Well, who says it can’t? This busybody flaunts all that and more for the fast moving Gen X crowd.

The inspiration:

Taking inspiration from the utilitarian needs of consumers, The designer has decided to embody lots of concepts into one dynamic design, and thus came into existence this multipurpose new age technology with a lot of edge.

The design:

A touch screen watch, with an all-out sports mode blended into a Quad-Band phone with an audio player, is the briefest definition of its features and design one can come up with. There is so much quantity involved that, one may doubt the quality. However, the Quad band technology guarantees network all over the world and the three-axis acceleration sensor allows you to record data of your walking/running even in deep slopes. Also, a 2 GB built-in memory space is not bad for a seemingly flat watch, which can also create a satisfactory sonic experience.

The fabulous:

Let us just simply enlist the wow factors of this device and create a clear picture of its fabulous features:

.Touchscreen watch
.Sports mode
.Quad-band phone
.Audio player
.2GB built-in memory
.Devices like barometer, thermometer, compass, pedometer, altimeter and stopwatch

The target:

For athletes, sports-people, work out buffs and utility seekers, this innovation holds great meaning. The target customer can be anyone who wants to see a lot of things happening all at once from within a small Pandora’s box, just like the ‘Sky Watch’. It is the watch to watch out for and the phone one should be calling for, get the drift?

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