Fold N Go Portable True Adjust WorkStation: Truly complements modern workspace

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As living and workspace are shrinking day by day caused by rapidly increase in population, portable or handy furniture (be it for kitchen, living room or workplace) has just become the new hot favorite option of the people around the world. And why not, for every inch is like gold in modern city dwellings and workplaces. The new ergonomic workstation cum computer desk is a similar portable and mobile unit that you can carry easily with you. You mau lay it in a small space, adjust your system and start working with minimum fuss. Moreover, you can also stack it away when not in use! Named the Fold N Go Portable True Adjust Station, this is an example of a true modern day smart space-saver unit. Priced at AUD $119 this unit comes with multiple features. Not only it features unique side release buttons that fold up the entire workstation into a compact 102cm body for easy transport and 1.5cm thick black tops with silver frames, the tidy workstation comfortably holds the CPU, monitor, keyboard, printer and many more. The handy unit just weighs 17 kg and measures 70 x 75cm.

Without doubt, this is a catch, I mean all that put together so compactly and that too with a one year guarantee and workmanship details! I am just off on my way to get one…, as it’s just apt for my packed together room.

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