The Sun Fold Bike- A handy and stylish personal transport tool!

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The Eco-Green world seems to have witnessed an overdose of machines and concepts which boast of ‘we-are-EcoSafe’ tag, but their practicality is often caught up in the fog. But we can’t overlook the fact that only ideas with right technology backing have resulted into the lustrous world of products we thrive on. With urban areas fast taking the shape of megalopolis, finding space for anything like putting roof on your head or even parking vehicles becomes annoying and, most of the times, expensive. And our Eco-buffs tested their frontiers for this issue as well. The result was a Sun Fold Bike! The mention of the mighty sun does tell us about its source of energy.

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I think the feature of being able to shrink itself into a handy structure seems afresh in this industry. Most of the times designers concentrate on fuel efficiency and contour of their creation. But CaO dawei managed to garner lot of appreciation for doing something different and practical. Solar energy is trapped by the solar panels in the bike, which is then transferred to the battery. Surplus energy is reserved in the inventor which provides the necessary juice for the night trips. Such is the functionality of this inventor that the extra energy could be used to power standard house hold electronics like TV or music player.
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Feeding energy into this is not like rocket science either. Just hook it to pedestal that opens up its computerized reflective panels. These panels follow the sun rays and result in maximum sun power. When placed on a reflective pedestal, about 95% solar energy is effectively absorbed. Solar panels on the bike’s outer body continue with the work of absorbing energy while you ride your way through the city. I am sure you are also looking forward to see this concept making its way to the retail shelves.

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