The Spider Mom gives birth to a ceiling lamp each time you need one

the spider mom

Bringing out the playful spirit of the object of everyday use, Brazilian studio Baíta Design has popped up an innovative ceiling lamp that can be removed from the roof to illuminate different parts of your house. The “Spider Mom,” as they call the lamp, carries its seven eggs in the form of small lamps, which separates from the central fixture to spread light in all parts. Featuring the body made in injection molded ABS thermoplastic, the Spider Mom gathers its eggs (lamps) finished in transparent methacrylate to re-charge rather feed them for the next day. An average household product cannot be as playful as this Spider Mom.

the spider mom 06
the spider mom  01
the spider mom  02
the spider mom  03
the spider mom  04
the spider mom  05

Via: Baíta Design

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