The Portean chair adjusts with our mood


Our mood varies as per the situation. Well, nothing new, however, keeping this in mind, a furniture manufacturer developed a very ‘moody chair’. This new chair adjusts according to our mood. Designer Justin Porcano came up with this brilliant idea. The chair is called the Protean chair.


The cool concept banana chair can be rearranged as a love seat for the time when we want to be together. If you get pissed or don’t like each other you can obviously split the chair and the center table will come up in that case. Yet another aspect of this chair is that it can be flipped towards each other so that the duo sitting on it can converse.


I think this is a great design concept! Justin has created a unique chair that fits the bill of a newly married couple. I am pretty sure single people can also afford this chair. Justin has done a great job with this chair.


Overall, it’s an awesome piece of furniture that adds to the decor of your home. Unfortunately, we haven’t got the pricing information, however, it’s not the price always, but comfort and style also matters.

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