The Peel: World’s first Bluetooth-integrated universal remote

the peel 01

With modern technology going wireless, we have a remote for almost all our gadgets, from the kitchen to living space in our homes, messing up life with the clutter of undue devices. Offering a way out, designer John Brumbaugh has come up with a universal remote control called the Peel that employing the state of the art technology controls all your gadgets with a mere 21 buttons. Claimed to be the world’s first Bluetooth-integrated universal remote, the Peel also touts an ergonomic design, together with intuitive button layout, allowing easy controls to the users. Removing the dead spots of conventional infrared controllers, the new universal remote makes use of orientation response to control all your devices. All you need to do is just turn the Peel over on its back to turn off the devices in use.

the peel 02
the peel 03

[Cheers John]

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