The Oasis offers sustainable outdoor seating throughout the year

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Outdoor seating might not be a thing to cherish to most of the users, but the “Oasis” by designer Roxanna Strick is seating with a difference that offers luxury as well as a hi-tech environment in all seasons of the year. Featuring two mesh screens that can be rotated at a 360-degree angle to shield the users against harsh weather conditions (like strong winds, rain and scorching heat of the sun), the Oasis makes use of sustainable energy sources for lighting, warming and cooling for that matter, with the help of solar panels located on top of the unit. The curved screens, coated with a heat sealed clear PVC layers, slide along a railing on the top edge of a funnel and back portion of the benches to make the most out of the different weather conditions in different seasons. As the screens are rotated, tiny brushes on the underside of the outer screen clean the solar panels.

Intended to bring different groups of people together and encourage them to spend more time outdoors, the Oasis fits into any environment that you may install in gardens, parks and marketplaces in any season. The organic form of the Oasis makes it comfortable for any individual who just wants to step outdoors with friends and family.

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[Cheers Roxanna]

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