The Haunted Mountain has impressive features and is high on functionality

the haunted mountain

Technology is getting an overhaul, with each passing day, and so are the accessories that accompany it. To make things easier, Lou Xiaoyu has designed the Haunted Mountain that will functionally bow down to all your needs.

Its fa├žade comes wedged with a flexibility to perform various functions that are not possible with the present technology. The surface/lid of this futuristic device has a few holes onto which additional accessories like a projector, light, aromatherapy stick, virus alerts, audio sensor, etc. can be fixed. Elements, shaped in the form of pins, are used to complete the attaching function.

Is there any presentation at your office and the projector just crashed? Fret no more, just fit the mini projector on its lid and leave an everlasting impression. The Haunted Mountain can also be fitted with a back light to illuminate your surroundings. Make your room smell fresh and fragrant with the aromatherapy components. To protect your laptop from viruses, it also has a virus sensor for added protection. When not in use, all the elements can be removed and stored separately.

The gadget looks sleek and has been crafted in a neat manner. The Haunted Mountain is a step ahead in terms of functional and useful technology, and will make your life easy with the magic it unfurls.

Via: designboom

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