The Hackney Shelf: Putting graffiti to good use

hackney shelf ryan frank

And all this time I thought graffitis are a menace to modern civilization. Not Ryan Frank. The designer has, by a stroke of genius, put to good use the graffiti that plague certain streets in London. The out of the box idea blends graffiti art of various artists on the streets in East London where Ryan installs several board pieces just to have them covered with artists’ wild imaginations. Once the boards are decked with the desired graffiti designs, Frank cuts them to create unique furniture. The idea is pretty unusual no doubt and stems from the rare appreciation of graffiti which the designer definitely harbors. In case you are wondering, the artists are not rewarded for indirectly designing the furniture. They probably don’t even know their work is being used this way. If they did, I am sure it’d come as a pleasant surprise to them.

This might go down well with the wild types, but probably would be denied entry in households with elegant, sophisticated furniture. But the idea remains one of its kind.

Source: Design Crack

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