The Frame Hotel, growing a green forest in the desert

the frame hotel 01

An entry at the WAN Awards 2009, the Frame Hotel is a simple yet modern structure that pioneers a new form of architectural design to create an imposing aesthetics while sustaining the environment. Designed for Villamoda Galleries in Dubai, UAE, the structure accommodates a vast vertical garden enclosed in a huge frame, which apart from limiting the built-up areas also determines the exterior facade of the massive hotel building. Featuring a plant-like structure cut out from the constructive frame, the architecture is covered by perpendicular planes of solar protected dark glass to create a dynamic parallaxical vision, while protecting the structure from sun and wind.

Housing various restaurants, showrooms, a cigar lounge, all connected by mechanical pathways and vertigo-inspiring escalators, the structure looks like an urban jungle and invites guests to enjoy fresh and green surroundings in the desert.

the frame hotel 02
the frame hotel 03
the frame hotel 04

Via: Gizmodo

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