The Flaming Stone cooker makes use of electromagnetic induction

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Designer Kihoon Yoo has designed a unique cooker, which is called the Hwa-Seok or ‘The Flaming Stone’. This futuristic concept is based on the heat that is generated through electromagnetic induction. The cooker consists of an electric coil, which helps the metal parts to get heated. These metal parts are in turn attached to the stones in the cooker on which the food can be placed to be cooked. The design also employs a system to control heat by controlling electromagnetism itself. The system is equipped with a touch-sensing button that allows you to drag your finger and control how hot the stone really must get. The red LED lamps will be either turned on or off depending on how you drag. The stones are placed in the ceramic bowl and are easy to clean. You could choose to cook anything you want, right from boiling water to meat. This futuristic cooker concept not only looks good but is also functional and unique.
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Via: DesignBoom

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