The Explorer IV Support Unit for playful little patients

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It has been a long-known fact that kids do not respond so well to the stuffy, restrictive hospital environments and that low levels of activity can even cause kids to become withdrawn and regressive with sophisticated-looking hospital equipment also inducing anxiety in them. This is where this innovative mobile intravenous (IV) product called The Explorer IV Support Unit, comes into the picture. Developed especially for use in pediatric wards, the backpack comes with an IV pump, IV drips and mains cables with a support unit consisting of a removable hard shell backpack housed on a trolley. Kids can take the backpack with them wherever they wanna play which aides the healing process immensely. Children aged 3-8 can pull the backpack along on the trolley while older kids can wear it as a backpack. Side pockets allow kids to store personal items which make them feel more at home with the equipment and that familiarity ultimately helps them receive proper medical care without having to be restricted in a stuffy hospital room.

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Source: Huddersfield 3D

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