Tesla’s Model X, an electric CUV with falcon winged doors

Tesla Motors, the company that manufactures electric cars has unveiled their latest masterpiece “Model X”, a seven passenger crossover utility vehicle (CUV). Slightly bulky than their electric sedan Model S, the vehicle is based on the same platform and battery system of the sedan.

Tesla Model X prototype

The lithium based flat, slab-like battery pack of the electric powertrain is laid at the bottom of the car like a skateboard, facilitating a low center of gravity. The makers have demonstrated less than 5 seconds for 0 to 60mph acceleration when fitted with a dual motor All Wheel drive. The vehicle is available in two options i.e. 60 or 85kWhrs battery packs. Twin on board chargers charge the vehicle twice as much faster, topping it up in about four hours.

Fitted with a 17” high resolution touchscreen dashboard having 3G or wireless connectivity for infotainment and control, it gives a futuristic appearance to the interior. The device is built on a Linux OS and external devices can be connected through USB ports. Apart from the maps navigation screen, entertainment area and climate controls, custom apps can be built and loaded to the device.

What sets it apart are the rather fancy falcon-wing doors, which are designed to stay close to the car’s sides while opening and closing, making it quite convenient to park in crowded spots. This feature also permits passengers to stand all the way up while stepping in or out of the car. Overall the vehicle appears spacious and promises better performance than SUV.

The base version of Model X is expected to have starting price similar to that of Model S, but with other options included it could be priced at about $90,000. Buyers are eligible to a federal tax credit of $7,500, promoting use of electric vehicles. Tesla has begun taking reservations on the model is expected to start its production from 2013.

Via: Automobilemag

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