Tentsile Tent, an above ground shelter for campers

Tentsile tent

If you thought that only Tarzan and Jane could live in the trees, then the Tentsile Tent will swap this desire of yours into a reality. Camping is fun and helps us connect with nature, but campers always have to fight with bugs and other crawling creatures when resting inside tents. And if it rains, then the wet or waterlogged ground will pose all the possible troubles that you cannot even anticipate.

Tentsile Tent will take care of all such woes as it works like a hammock and dangles in mid air while attached to three trees. The off ground structure has been designed by British designers and comes fitted with loop straps that will be placed around tree trunks resting above the ground. The temporary shelter is easy to assemble and is strong enough to hold maximum 12 people, depending on its size. It has a unique inverted pyramid shape and is available in three sizes, which will provide a safe environment for 5, 8 and 12 people.

The comfortable tent can be used in a variety of environments and comes injected with a lot of portability. The frame can be snapped apart easily and has infill panels plus webbing straps that have been fashioned out of polyester fabric, which is water proof, fire and UV resistant. The lightweight accommodation for campers is very stable and adaptable. It comes fitted with a rope ladder that makes getting in and out of the tent quite easy.

So, next time when you go camping, simply fix Tentsile Tent off the ground and forget about clearing unwanted foliage. The tent is just perfect and will provide a safe accommodation and will kill all fears of crawling insects and unsafe frames.

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