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Telephone’s user friendly interface makes communication easier for the elderly

Using a cellphone is nothing less than a task for the elderly and people with low vision. They find it a little difficult to read numbers while dialing, which ultimately irritates them as they have to depend on others for such a small thing. This triggered designer Stew Noble to come up with a phone that not only has an old world charm, which elderly are familiar with, but also vows to make communicating through phone easier. The telephone for elderly comes packed with the latest technology and has a stylish appearance as well.

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The sight of complicated user interfaces can confuse elderly, so the designer preferred to use the shape of a traditional telephone, which helps add familiarity. The numbers have been nicely displaced on a round dial, which are large, clear and easy to read, adding sense of positivity. The number gets illuminated when pressed or read that makes sure a user is dialing the right number. The phone is accompanied by a contact book that will store all the contacts. The best part being, both the phone and the contact book can be used together as the phone features an IR sensor that can read written text from the contact book. The user friendly phone can be glided over the contact book because of the presence of raised runners.

The Telephone can also be used sans the contact book, in case someone wants to dial a number directly. The surface makes good use of soft cellular rubber that further makes pressing the keys easy and gives a great grip and stability.

[Cheers Stew]

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