Tecktonik Killer, autonomous mobility device alters to suit your style

tecktonikkiller 01

Conceived by French designer Emir Ezzina, the “Tecktonik Killer” is an autonomous means of transportation that makes commutation fun for the rider. Intended toward the younger generation, the portable scooter can be customized to accommodate different users. Running on a rechargeable battery, the new mobility device includes a handlebar for easy controls and a LED light to glow your path at night. Featuring the latest technologies, the Tecktonik Killer lets you interact with other riders, for you can share your music with a built-in MP3 player with your friends. Moreover, the device rolls into a compact size for easy storage and transportation.

tecktonikkiller 02
tecktonikkiller 03
tecktonikkiller 04

[Cheers Emir]