Technology and style with utility – The NapTV

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Designers can come up with bizzare ideas and designs. One such design is the NapTV. As the name suggests, you can take a nap while watching this special TV. What is special? Well, this one is a chair cum TV. Don’t raise your eyes in amazement yet. Let me enlighten you about its features. This one is a chair, a normal tool kind of structure, sit on it, read a book, watch TV, do anything you do sitting on a normal chair. But this one isn’t normal. The added feature is that this chair has a TV attached to it underneath. You can watch the TV by tilting it sideways or can simply slide under this chair and watch the TV while you are taking rest. There are built-in speakers in this chair cum TV to give you crystal clear sound quality. There is a remote as well which comes with this innovative invention.

Well products like these surely change our lifestyle and while we are left thinking that how can someone be so creative, they seep into our lifestyles quite smoothly. I am sure this amazing NapTV will take the consumers liking instantly on its side and would be noticed in quite a lot of households. This one is particularly good for students, bachelors and young lots. Designed by Sung-kyu Nam, the NapTV is surely a wonder product.

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