Techne plastic staircase unveils a new language in interior design

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Developed by Albini & Fontanot, Techne is an innovative plastic staircase designed to complement any traditional or contemporary environment. The entire staircase is obtained in only two pieces, thanks to the molding and injection technology. The elegant staircase overcomes the limitations of the functional element that connects one floor to the other. The particular production technology in overprint helps obtain a tread with a non-slip surface, which is created in only two pieces. The textures on the surface of the treads and the landing make it anti-slip. Techne is created with a compound of polymers reinforced with fiber glass. The injection printing technology makes sure that the structural performance of the staircase remains unchanged under diverse climatic conditions. The colors used are resistant to usage and to UV rays. The structural parts of the Techne staircase are made of Polyammide 66, while Polypropilene was used for the buffering of the treads.

Techne railings are available in two different versions – the Linear railing and the Skin railing. Techne staircase is adaptable to different ceiling heights, thanks to a mechanism that allows users to vertically regulate the structure.

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Via: Albinie & Fontanot

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