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Everybody loves to watch their favorite movie nestled inside the comfort of their house. This is what gave birth to the concept of home theaters, which are simply flamboyant and definitely splendid. Modern technology has managed to deliver movie magic

Hi tech home theater design ideas

Everybody loves to watch their favorite movie nestled inside the comfort of their house. This is what gave birth to the concept of home theaters, which are simply flamboyant and definitely splendid. Modern technology has managed to deliver movie magic right inside dwellings, killing the need of stepping out of the house to watch a movie. Installing a home theater is fast catching trend, but even despite the much needed space and money the mere idea of narrowing down on a perfect setup can leave you perplexed. Below is a list of 10 hi tech home theater design ideas, which will make sure you enjoy the nest when it comes to comfort as well as high quality video and audio.

Personalized Theatres by Mario Panelli Studios

Personalized Theaters, an offering by Mario Panellu Studios, is sure going to inject some fun moments in your life. The home theater will form an instant bond with the client, as it can be personalized as per a buyer’s needs and desires. A client’s likes and dislikes are kept in mind and given utmost priority while designing, which ranges from choosing colors to textures to patterns, etc. The end result is aesthetically pleasing and will blend perfectly with a contemporary environment. All the equipments are well concealed behind a wall sculpture panel, which gives it a neat look. The design comprises of a NAD 775 7.1 Surround Receiver, Axiom Speakers, a passive SVS PB13 Ultra Subwoofer, Runco LS-5 DLP Projector, 54”x126” in 2:35 format and 54 light fixtures.

Back to Nature

Bring the charm of visually attractive surroundings inside your homes in the form of Back to Nature. The home theater owned by Robert Seebold and Rhonda will leave you mesmerized with its awe-inspiring features. The beautiful design has been installed in the lower area of the house and will entertain like never before. The spacious room comes injected with all the serenity, which will uplift the movie watching experience further. The room is not only welcoming but comes coated with a lot of comfort. It has a three tier seating at the back, which is the highlight of the design. Further, stone pillars on the screen wall bring the aura of nature right inside the space. The front of the room has media racks that will be used to keep entire collection of movies and music. The home theater comprises of some really fine equipment like HD Motorola DVR cable box, Denon DVD player and processor, four BPX surround speakers, four BPX surround speakers and Panamax MAX 5300 surge protector.

Through the Roof

Do you wish to install a home theater, but step back because of the lack of adequate space? Fret no more, and make good use of your neglected attic to watch movies at home. Through the Roof has been erected this gorgeous residential theater at a house in Houston, Texas, and is placed directly above the master bedroom. A lot of care has been taken while designing the home theater, making sure that the noise or vibrations don’t disturb other people in the house and especially in the bedroom placed below it. The screen will put forward stunning images and the home theater’s fine details will force you to fall in love with the creation.

Complete Control by Gramophone

Here to enhance the pleasure of TV watching is Complete Control by Gramophone located in Timonium, Maryland. The home theater will unfurl a high performance environment, which will be enjoyed even by children. It will become a family get together spot and will make family time all the more special. It comes complete with theatrical lighting and also has a built-in stage. The two stage balconies are perfect for live performances, which will be really thrilling. If you are worried that you will miss hearing the doorbell while watching a movie, then the front door camera will be of great help here. It will indicate on the screen whenever the bell rings, hence keeping such thoughts at bay. The door locks will be controlled electrically and will give you the power to open the door from just anywhere.

Dramatic Design

This attractive home theater has been done in a dramatic manner and will definitely craft an everlasting impression. The design was judged the best at the Home Electronic House Year Award for the year 2010. The area has been wedged with light colored wood, which blends perfectly with the deep red shade of the free flowing curtains that are seen all over the room. These curtains not only make the space spectacular, but also help smoothing out the sound. The space is clutter free, without intermixing cables and heavy equipments as these have been placed outside in a ventilated equipment cabinet.

Movie Magic

Gone are the days when a garage was used to park cars and bikes, as Bjorn Kristensen has skillfully swapped the area into a home theater. The place is ruled by colors black and red, which is definitely a deadly combination and makes the area look sumptuous. The design is simple but does not fall short on the trendy and fashionable graph. The black colored leather seating, wallpaper and red carpet makes it visually magical. So, steal this idea and bring the magic of movies right into your garage as you park yourself on a comfortable seat.

Five-in-One Home Theater

Five-in-One Home Theater oozes a lot of class and is simply astonishing. The theater is anything but ordinary and looks like a real multiplex. It comprises of one large screen, which is sandwiched between four small screens (two on each side). These multiple screens will endow the owner with the flexibility to watch different things at the same time. These will also be helpful when it comes to displaying feeds from various security cameras. The room boasts of a 144-inch Draper screen that receives images/video from a HD sharp projector. This amazing projector is further capable of a 720p and 1080i resolution. The sound quality is bound to be excellent because of the presence of two Paradigm 15-inch subwoofers and two Paradigm 15-inch subwoofers.

First Impressions Themed Theater

How about designing and decorating your home walls in an exquisite way while having your own beautiful home theater? The Dramatic design does exactly this. A winner of 2010 Home Electronic House Year Award in the “Home Theater $25,000 – $50,000″ category, the Dramatic design have your walls in the theater room laden with a lot of curtains. The ceilings aren’t spared too. The curtains are deep red in color which contrasts nicely with the light wood that is there in the room. With the curtains and wood, the sound reflects well. This gives the interior appearance a clean and beautiful look.

Goldmund’s Media Room

Goldmund’s Media Room is like a treat to the eyes and comes packed with a good 128 speakers for an out of this world experience. The private screening room’s speakers have the same amp for each controller and speaker. It will spread out a surround sound experience that people die to cherish in the comfort of their house sans the room size. But for all this, get ready to shell a minimum $300,000, which does not include the cost of projector, screen, furniture and decoration.

Mountaintop Media Room

Mountaintop Media Room uses every bit of free, usable space and makes sure that maximum performance is delivered from your audio/video systems. It swaps the multipurpose room into a zone that will help people enjoy movies apart from other activities like reading a book. High quality devices have been used and the speakers have been placed adjacently in the design. The entire look has been revved up further by the use of contrasting colors. It brings media experience right inside the house and won’t push it towards an altogether different space, like the basement.

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