Hi tech bathtubs for trendy homes

Bathtubs have certainly come a long way, from the mundane ceramic piece of bathroom fixture to the hi-tech bathtubs with the latest innovations incorporated into it for a relaxed and energized experience with the ultimate indulgence. The Technology and innovations have certainly added new dimensions to the bathtubs, making it an accessory for the most private space in the house. Here are some of the most hi-tech bathtubs for modern homes to take the urban living to a new level of luxury and rejuvenation, every time you take a bath.

Luxe TV bathtub

Designed by Karim Rashid for the Korean Bath Company Saturn, the TV bathtub is a stunning creation with beautiful amalgamation of aesthetics with technology. The exquisite oval bathtub with a waterproof LCD television at the foot is not just a bathroom fixture, but is a complete lifestyle in itself. With the lavish texture and clean lines, the TV bathtub brings the extreme comfort and luxury to the most private space in your house. Use of Liquid Acrylic Resin makes it durable with antibacterial qualities. The TV bathtub is simply exquisite to add the dash of glamor to your daily chore.

Jacuzzi J400 collection with iPod docking station

If you thought LCD and radios integrated in the bath tub is nothing uncommon, then take a look at Jacuzzi J400, which also has an iPod docking system to bring in the ultimate indulgence for you, as you soak into the glory of luxury and extreme comfort. The J400 collection is integrated with hi-tech technology such as aqua sound audio system along with CD players, Radio, two waterproof micro-speakers, MP3 jack with stereo system, floating remote control, illuminated jets, various massage therapies and elevated waterfall. Available in there different finishes to match up the decor, J400 is spacious enough to accommodate closest of your friends or family members. Extremely elegant and classy with ergonomic seating, adjustable pillows and stunning backlit cascading waterfall, J400 by Jacuzzi will surely redefine the bathroom comfort and luxury along with the modern urban lifestyle.

Luxurious Bath Tubs with 42″ Plasma TV

A luxurious bathtub by CalSpas is an ultra luxurious and glamorous bathing fixture with advanced gizmos incorporated into it. The bathtub with 42 inches plasma TV with automatic rising feature and DVD player is not only extravagant and sleek in design, but it also ensures the extreme comfort while you relax in the lap of luxury. The bathtub by CalSpas also has LED lights, lounge seats, exercise equipments, LED waterfall along with an astounding adjustable therapy system. Available in more than 20 colors and textures, the sleek and hi-tech bath tub by CalSpas will surely change your style of living to more opulent and extravagant without compromising on comfort.

Nice Hydromassage Bathtub

L’Alizee by Stas Doyer is a sleek bathtub with 180 hydro-massage nozzles to treat you with ultimate relaxation and soothing experience. The automatic bathtub also has touchscreen that displays useful information, while you soak yourself in the comfort of the spacious and luxurious hydro-massage bathtub. With clean yet striking design, L’Alizee by Stas Doyer will make you enjoy even the mundane daily chore of bathing.

Balance Bathtub

Bring home the luxury of spa with versatile and compact whirlpool Energy Balance Cocoon. Sleek and functional, the Balance mini spa has infrared sauna and steam sauna to rejuvenate your body and soul, while you can enjoy the massage with hydro massager or the air bubble massager to sooth the stressed urban mind and body. Handy to move around, Balance is not only a bathing tub but is a complete spa experience at your doorstep.

Red Diamond bathtub

Redefine your lifestyle with the ultra luxurious Red Diamond bathtub by Aldo Puglielli from WaterGames Technologies. True to its name, the Red Diamond is super glamorous and lavish bathtub with a shiny gold frame and dazzling Swarovski crystals console. The plush bathtub in flaming hot red has seat for two, multicolor lighting and a Swarovski encrusted champagne holder to make it a delightful bathing experience for you. The hi-tech bath tub is also incorporated with the temperature control and GSM module to command the bathtub from remote distance. With automatic disinfection and adjustable airpool and whirlpool, the bathtub has a sleek glossy texture to make it an ultimate and perfect indulgence.

Nirvana Bathtub

Nirvana bathtub with 360 LED lights will leave you gasping for your breath with its astounding beauty and plush appeal. Designed ergonomically, Nirvana not only makes you experience the extreme comfort, but also saves 60 percent of water consumption through its smart, shallower structure with high grade translucent acrylic layer. The sleek and hi-tech control panel gives you the access to the temperature indicator and automatic electronic taps to make it more convenient while you enjoy your time soaking into the luxury of Nirvana.

La Scala Bathtub with TV

Soak yourself to the utmost repose with La Scala bathtub equipped with advanced technology. Sleek and plush, La Scala is not only spacious and remote controlled, but also has a wide screen TV and DVD player incorporated into it to make your bathing time the fun as well. Relax your nerves and put your mind and body into complete rest as you spend time in La Scala with your favorite music.

Royal A-512 Whirlpool Massage Bathtub

Elegant, stylish and simply stunning Royal A-512 bathtub is a perfect addition to urban living spaces to add the dash of glamor and ultimate luxury into it. The bathtub with advanced features and sleek design has everything that you can imagine to create an ultimate bathing experience. Royal A-512 is well equipped with air and water jet massage, waterproof LCD monitor, connectivity for all portable music devices, heat pump and also the under water chromotherapy lighting effects. Spray nozzles of this innovative bathtub are strategically designed to provide the acupuncture benefits.

Baden’s Bathtub

Baden’s bathtub is also a stylish and functional bathtub that not only soothes and relaxes your body, but also adds the glam quotient to your lifestyle. Baden’s bathtub is equipped with DVD player and stereo system along with bubble features, extremely comfortable headrest, heaters, digital and remote controls. Baden’s bathtub also features adjustable heads, waterfall style faucets, multiple heads and self cleaning functions.

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