Dusi Tea Kettle: Modern brew, traditional flavor

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With modern gadgets and crockery entering the kitchen, cooking has become an instant task and old cooking rituals are fast losing their value. However, designer Juliet Symes has developed a new domestic device that not just helps in keeping the old rituals alive but also boasts of aesthetic looks. Hailed as ‘Dusi Tea Kettle,’ the hot appliance is a stylish combination of a teakettle and a teapot. Preparing a cup of tea is possibly the easiest task in the kitchen, but the Dusi Tea Kettle makes it even simpler and adds a fun element to it. All, the user needs to do is place the Dusi on the cook-top to boil the water, insert the tea infuser in the pot for some time (according to taste), and remove the infuser to turn the teapot into the teakettle to serve the tea. The kettle is finished with double-walled borosilicate glass (body), copper (base) and stainless steel (scoop and holder).

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Via: Tuvie

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