Tattoo Bicycle Helmet saves both you and the environment

tattoo bicycle helmet 01

Inspired by the defensive shell of an Armadillo, designer Julien Bergignat has come up with a protective headgear called “Tattoo”which isn’t only lightweight and cost-effective but also 100% recyclable. Made entirely in polypropylene, the bicycle helmet flattens its wings to slip in a backpack for easy transportation, while the high absorption power of the EPP (expanded polypropylene) makes it safe and durable. To put the headgear back in shape, you may simply fold the wings inward and fix them with a pressure clip. At the top, the Tattoo lets the users adapt a sustainable lifestyle.

tattoo bicycle helmet 02
tattoo bicycle helmet 03
tattoo bicycle helmet 04
tattoo bicycle helmet 05
tattoo bicycle helmet 06
tattoo bicycle helmet 07

Via: Julien Bergignat/Definitive Touch

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