Tathastu night lamp blends religion with power!

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Solar energy, rather the sun itself has always been considered to be a perpetual source of vigor. Deifying it still further, here’s Ashish Chaudhary’s solar lamp, dubbed Tathastu, that seeks to bring Hindu religion and mythology to the realms of renewable energy. This inimitable night light, in a way, keeps on reminding one of the ubiquitous blessings of that divinity. And so, a wide-stretched hand is enabled to emit beams of lights via a solar panel atop an enveloping safe haven. Excepting the message, what it infers is awareness towards solar power as a mode to counter global warming. It’s a pioneering product, design-wise. Also, the contrastive amalgamation of blue and green is so very indicative of a green way of life.

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Thanks: Ashish Chaudhary

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