Tata unveils ‘Pixel’ Concept car

tata pixel concept 1

After hogging the limelight with a two-wheeler turned cute, little wonder car Nano, Tata is back yet again. And this time it’s with one of the most efficiently packaged four-seaters in the world. The Indian behemoth just unveiled its Euro city car concept in Geneva and is quite upbeat about it.

On the exterior, although it appears like a 10-foot-long, fancy white colored egg, its zero turning radius system doesn’t leave you unimpressed. As per the company, it’s more defined as a “Zero Turn turoidal traction-drive Infinitely Variable Transmission” that rotates the wheel in almost all directions, making its parking a zero-hassle affair.

And with the concept of hybrid cars gaining momentum,the Pixel also just emits 89 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer.

Given the compact size of the car, this seems to be a star attraction. However, it looks like a second cousin of the Nano in the first glance, but a glamorized one!

Via: Autoblog

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