Tapping the Coffee Table Remote to flip channels

We have controlled our TV boxes with a remote control for so many years. Our hands are always moving on the remote control buttons when we are in the front of TV sets. Now, how about controlling your TV set with your feet? That sounds really weird to me, but designer Siona Ward thinks otherwise. She has designed a coffee table that acts as a TV remote and it’s controlled by your feet as they rest upon it. Dubbed “Coffee Table Remote,” the table is essentially a remote control for your TV, but with a slight difference as you may operate it by your feet with minimum fuss, apart from using it as a regular coffee table. Seven most commonly used buttons have been used and lit with blue LEDs. The point of the design is to combine two objects into one, reduce clutter in the home and prevent losing the remote. An innovative thought, of course, but I will better stick to my hand operated TV remote. Anyway, the concept might interest those who love to have a glass of beer in one hand and snacks in the other.


[Thanks Siona]

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