Tap that stays clean even if you operate it with soiled hands

This is a new age intelligent tap that stays hygienic no matter how many times you use it. This tap eliminates a common problem people face today. Present day taps get contaminated when we turn around the knob with dirty hands. Thus, the tap gets soiled before you begin to wash hands. Also, touching the knob with dirty hands repeatedly leaves behind germs on it. Chances are that most people re-contaminate their hands when they touch the tap again to close it. To counter these follies, Wang Li-Hsin and Wu Chi-Hua have come out with an ingenious design.

Easy Clean faucet

The new fangled design proposed by them is simple and clever. In this design, the handle and water outlet have been merged together. So, instead of the conventional knob that needs to be manually turned around, there is a spout fitted in. The spout looks somewhat like the opening on a tea pot. It is very easy to use this tap. Just tap it gently with your finger and water gushes out. The flow of water stops when the tap is released.

Easy Clean faucet

Apart from avoiding contamination, there are many other benefits of this design. Firstly, it helps to save water. Also, the intelligent mechanism of the tap does not require any extra energy input for its functioning. Many hi-tech taps involve fitting in a motion sensor, which usurps more energy, but this design operates without taking in additional energy. Thus, the tap helps to preserve two precious resources that are depleting energy as well as water.

Via: Red Dot

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