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Tangle is a colorful headphone to enjoy clutter free music

This listening device is a two tone earphone and its dazzling colors will definitely make a lot of heads turn. Most headphones have dull colors like white and black. But this one dares to be different and sports full blown jazzy hues like cyan and magenta. The two threads have been daubed in different colors. Quite quirky, what say? One is covered in cyan while the other flaunts a deep magenta. And the spiral pattern created by the dots on the flat end of the earpiece is simply smashing.

tangle earphones

But, apart from the colors, the outline and layout of the device is neat, clean and streamlined. Thus, the piece is a unique mix of dapper and flashy colors. The headphones can be used with all Apple devices as a compatible remote has been slotted into the cyan wire. Maneuvering the remote is easy as it is stretchy and bendable just like the wire on which it is embedded. A microphone, volume settings as well as buttons for navigating through tracks and switching on the loudspeaker have been implanted on the wire.

The wires of the piece with a 3.5mm plug won’t entangle ever. A very neat trick has been employed to implement this useful feature. The reason why the wires won’t snare is because they have already been tangled up. They are twisted around each other, just like little girls do their braid, from the base to the point where they separate ways. Furthermore, the Tangle logo has been cleverly imprinted on this braid.

Additionally, these headphones will enhance the getup of anything you are wearing and thus are very much like a cool clothing accessory. Just plug them on and see how stylish you look. They are nothing like the unsightly and messy wires of other ordinary headphones. Their saturated and jazzy colors stand out and could even pep up your downbeat mood. The smashing and utilitarian piece has been designed by Evangelos ‘Lee’ Gicas.

Via: Egicas

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