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Let the Tangible Jukebox help you find the music that truly ‘touches’ you

Cognitive, interactive media is catching up quickly as an appealing device entertaining amongst users. The technology uses certain “Jukeboxes” which can be physically manipulated to listen to music of “precise” choice. Why the word “precise?” Well, The Tangible Jukebox is capable of narrowing down the choice of music to Genres, Albums and artists which helps a listener land “exactly” where they want to. In other words, this is getting what you want via the scheme of collaborative playlist.

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The Tangible Jukebox is a tabletop multi touch tangible interface which is a device built around the cognitive and interactive media concept. The system allows the user to maneuver physical holds on the jukebox to create digital playlists collaboratively. Hence, The Tangible Jukebox comes up with very novel methods of interacting with a collaborative device.

The Jukebox uses what is called TUI or Tangible User Interface which is a smart device of finding one’s way to exactly what the ears want to listen. TUI is a much more successful system in the sense that it has some appeal to it because of being entertaining in the operation itself. It proves to be a hit at points of socializing such as clubs, discotheques and bars. The tangible jukebox has been further “oomphed” up with use of colorful and festive lighting that adds more flair to its use.

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