Talk to your friends while you wrap around the cuddly Hugvie cushion

Cozy, snuggly and comforting – cushions are liked by everyone. They perk up the look of your interiors and make the space inside appear homey. So, if you like having cushions, throw pillows and other squishy add-ons inside your house then you will definitely like this piece. Also, you will be absolutely amused when you lay your eyes on it. It will make all possible geometric shapes, no matter how innovative they are, appear passe. Thinking how so, it is because this snuggly pillow has a humanoid shape. The cutesy shape looks warmhearted and very huggable. Moreover, this is not just another adorable and snuggly cushion. The piece slots in a lot of handy conveniences.


A pocket has been provided into which you can slide your mobile phone. You can make voice calls and talk to friends or family with the cushion. Also, while you are talking over the piece, a heartbeat like throbbing sound is generated. The great thing about this heart pulsation is that it syncs with the intonation of the voice you are conversing with. As the voice gets stronger or faster, so will the pulse. This happens because of the vibrator and microcontroller fitted into the cushion, which make the communication process utterly mind boggling.

The super cool shape is inspired from the Telenoid robot, which is a creation of Professor Ishiguro from Osaka University. One really innovative feature of this design is that the body of the robot is very soft as against other designs that are usually hard and made from metals. Dubbed as Hugvie, you can also purchase this piece from Vstone for US$60. Actually, the Akihabara based Vstone Robot Center is also holding the H. Ishiguro Design Show that exhibits robots and other creations from Professor Ishiguro.

Via: Diginfo

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