Taiyou: Green ropeway for a eco-friendly ride

solar powered experience lift rNZOE 17621
A rope-way ride on the mountains makes one experience the beauty and vastness of nature from close quarters. However, riding a rope-way, powered by a diesel engine is not something that will have much appeal in this age of green technology. And this is where the Taiyou Ropeway, created by designer Fredrik Hylten fits in perfectly. This rope-way lets treehuggers enjoy the unexplored beauties of nature in a ride that is just as beautiful as nature itself. Featuring two seats with security belts and a sliding floor under the seats, balancing the tilt of the lift, the sustainable lift moves on two wires, powered by solar panels on the roof, as double wires give better wind stability and helps in increasing the distance between the towers as well. Moreover, the Taiyou comes self-supporting with energy and can be installed even in hard or remote areas where the sun remains visible throughout the year.

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solar powered experience lift RkYbD 17621
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solar powered experience lift YiwIf 17621

[Thanks Fredric]

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