T-6 concept car from Volkswagen gives wheels to the office

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If this concept car ever comes to being, you will never have the traffic jams or the commutable distance as an excuse for reaching late to work. Literally making the office or boardroom mobile, the T-6 concept car from Volkswagen is an attempt to appease the workaholic in us. Despite the fact that it could also contribute to the traffic bane, the T-6 tries to make life easier for the jet-set executive by including all the latest technological advances of the boardroom in the car. Designed by Alexander Zhukovsky, the car features two cylindrical coupes that are hinged together in the center. Since the wheels are fringed to the border of the car, there is enough room in the saloon to accommodate the passengers, equipments like a monitors etc. to make presentations or conduct a meeting effectively.

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Perhaps the most striking feature has to be the round sliding door that slides up to let the passengers in. The functional table looks sturdy enough to jot notes on and place coffee mugs. Although not evident, I hope the car includes a chill tray so that one can pop open champagne when a deal is clinched.
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