Sym Cycle to unfurl a competitive and interactive fitness experience

Uncountable fitness clubs have cropped up in the past decade, which is a result of people getting all the more health conscious. But, somehow these places don’t cater to individual interests and neither do they provide complete privacy while working out. Sym Cycle by Emily Maskey has been designed keeping the ever increasing popularity of interactive games and home fitness programs in mind and vows to bow down to all the fitness needs.

Sym Cycle

Sym Cycle has been designed in a way, which makes it suitable for all age groups. Its pod shape is definitely unique and will unfurl a multi sensory workout experience. The ingeniously designed gymming tool has a fitness tracking system that will record information from previous workouts. This information can be scanned later, which will give a complete record of the distance traveled, average speed, time and even calories burnt as all the information will saved automatically after each workout session. Apart from this, a sense of healthy competition will be triggered between members because of the gym wide gaming network.

The design comprises of durable injection molded seating, which is easy to clean and maintain. The arm controls for navigating the menu as well as gaming are moving, which makes the operation effortless and easy to use. The entire setup is placed on a raised platform that is used to neatly place cables and other electrical components needed for fans, speakers and the gaming system. Fans are placed on both the sides, which supports air circulation through the pod and so does the perforated hood. Menus and all the workout information is displayed clearly on screen display which is wide enough to relish the whole experience. Sym Cycle will change the way we look at fitness clubs and will make sure you enjoy every session of your workout.

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