Sydnee: A smart charger that can juice up four iOS devices simultaneously

Here is a piece of great news for all Apple gadget owners, which will make sure all the charging woes are dealt with utmost style. Sydnee, a smart charger has been designed that will help keep not one but four iOS devices juiced up at the same time. It will cut down cable clutter that arises when multiple devices have to be charged.


Sydnee smart charger will let recharge four Apple products or iOS devices at the same time. Quick charging is made possible because of the presence of individual USB ports that pump 2.1 Amps of power each. The attention grabbing central charging station will provide optimum power and will shut off automatically when the charging is complete.

The cables will remain nicely concealed, making sure you don’t get entangled with the presence of multiple cables. The impressive design can hold 3 iPads and an iPhone at the same time. The design will blend well with a contemporary setup and can be placed anywhere in the house, from a living room to a bedroom. Sydnee smart charger is aesthetically appealing despite its plain looks.

The compact unit has been designed keeping modern day needs in mind. It can be used at various places like schools, corporate offices, retail stores, conference rooms and research labs, to name a few. Simply, plug the charger to a power outlet and it will be ready to juice up your most loved gadgets. It won’t consume much space, while the smart charger accommodates multiple devices. Sydnee is sleek and comes injected with a lot of attitude. The smart charger is available in two color: black and white.

Via: Satelliteid

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