SWR-JetBarrier allows swift and safe water rescue in emergencies

swr jetbarrier 01

With rapid changes in global climate in the past few years, natural disasters like droughts, floods and hurricanes have become a scary, yet unavoidable, part of our day-to-day existence, which literally rampages the life on earth. We might not be able to control the furies of nature, but we still can equip ourselves with modern tools to minimize the loss. Conceived by designer Christopher Kuh, the “SWR-JetBarrier” is a portable concept machine that makes rescue from swift waters faster and more effective. Controlled by a remote, the new rescue equipment is powered by a battery that propels a jet to pull barriers around the victims stranded in strong currents without the need to get into the water. Supporting up to 40m, the emergency equipment allows brisk as well as safe rescue operations.

swr jetbarrier 05
swr jetbarrier 02
swr jetbarrier 03
swr jetbarrier 04

[Cheers Christopher]

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