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Swiss brand’s hourglass wristwatch

Based upon an exclusive concept by Technopark® Zurich, the Partime watch epitomizes the art of Swiss watchmaking. With no blinking lights, no trickling and no ticking sounds, the unique watch is unlike any other timepiece that has ever been made and simply indicates time via a system that shows the amount of time that has elapsed and the amount of time that is remaining. This aspect immediately places the watch in the same league as an hourglass and has been promptly dubbed the ‘Swiss hourglass for the wrist’.

Partime- Hourglass for the wrist

Even though this description draws the image of an archaic apparatus that would make time telling a bit of a hassle, the Partime watch is far from being difficult to use. Practical and amazingly simple, the watch features two sets of scales- the one at the bottom indicates the minutes and the one on the left indicates the hours offering a graphic description of time.

Just as the sand trickles down to the bottom half of an hourglass and the amount of sand remaining in the top half indicates the time ‘remaining’, the right and top of the scales show how much time is remaining. A secondary digital time display supplements the graphic indication of time. Once you push the button, the digital display gives you the time in numerical format and reverts back to the graphic display after five seconds.

Technopark® Zurich presents the exquisite Partime

Tested and manufactured in Switzerland, the Technopark Zurich original is waterproof up to 30 meters as well as impact-resistant. With a recessed mineral glass fronting the scratch-resistant display, the watch comes with a stainless steel case with a raised edge similar to a diver’s watch and a 24mm silicone strap that looks new even after years of wear and can be changed as required. A variety of leather straps are also offered with the watch.

To set the time, a user simply has to just use a pointed object like a pen to press down on a small corrector that will allow them to set the hour, minute and seconds with the help of the button. The original CRV 2430 battery on the Partime Hourglass Watch stays good for 18-24 months from purchase. The limited edition watch comes numbered with each costing CHF 740 plus shipping.

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