Swingo Walking Aid offers a spare leg during injury

For anyone with a temporary leg injury below the knee, walking around with a brace and a cast can be the most challenging task. Such patients are asked not to put any stress on the lower leg, though their knees and thighs are perfectly capable of supporting their body weight. In such cases, an innovative handsfree walking aid like Swingo can help patients walk and keep the thigh and hip muscles from the injured leg in shape.

SWINGO Walking Aid

Created by designer Yonathan Halim, the Swingo Walking Aid can be attached to the mid thigh and knee of the patient. This would allow them to eliminate the possibility of putting any of their body weight on the injured ankle, shin, toe or foot while allowing them the freedom to use the prosthetic in the same manner as they would use their uninjured limb.

The Swingo Walking Aid helps patients walk more naturally and helps them maintain the muscle tone of thigh and the hips of the injured leg which tend to lose strength when they aren’t exercised through the duration of the recovery process. The use of Swingo Walking Aid also helps maintain the blood circulation through the entire leg which also boosts recovery of the injured areas.

Adjustable in size and height, the Swingo Walking Aid is fitted with shock absorbers and a curved base that mimics the natural movement of the leg and feet and helps users “walk” in the correct posture while their injury heals. The prosthetic can also be easily folded to facilitate easy storage during travel.

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