Swimming stats in real time with Eye-swim

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So you were impressed with Nike’s eyeD? If so then Eye-swim will impress you even more. A concept for goggles by Humberto Jimenez this one’s indicative of the way technology could influence sport as we know it. Eye-swim is designed for Nike’s eyeD line and is characterized by a mind-boggling design. It completely eliminates the strap and nose and the goggles are applied using a medical adhesive. Eye-swim uses Nike’s Maxsight tinted lens and provides the user with a smart eye underwater.

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Press a button and the goggle itself becomes a storehouse of multitude of statistics, which it displays in real-time. Providing for a complete athletic experience, it provides data which can considerably improve performance while practicing. The entire package of Eye-swim consists of the goggles plus an extended interface device that’s attached to the neck and which then measures heart rate, distance covered and similar other data that the user might desire.
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Now I’m no swimmer but this concept seems a good buy if only for the futuristic cool looks. And it is easy to see how this could help out the athletes in improving their performance.
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