Sway for a sporty ride with the tilting electric scooter

Ever felt the desire to zip zap zoom around with a non-fussy, smooth and uncomplicated ride? Well thanks to Sway Motorsports, it is not a distant dream anymore rather soon to come reality. After spending years in research and development for perfection, Sway Motorsports unveiled a prototype of a sporty electric three-wheeler scooter that tilts. This prototype dons a much sportier look that bends and tilts than other tilting electric three-wheelers for e.g. Sidam’s Xnovo. The images and videos released to the public demonstrate that this tilting scooter has a lot of agility and zip in it.

Three-wheel e-scooter

The brainchild of IDEO toy-designer and Rhode Island School of Design alumnus, Joe Wilcox, this prototype scooter has a lithium iron phosphate battery pack of 60-V, 20-Ah, giving the scooter a range of 10 miles (16kms). Driven by a 3500W hub motor present in its solitary rear wheel, it gives the scooter a top speed of 40 mph (64 km/h).

The uniqueness about this tilting three-wheeler is the placement of its lithium iron phosphate battery. Placed at the platform forming the foot pedal that extends from the bottom bar of the linkage, it helps in keeping the scooter’s center of gravity as low as possible to impart stability. In addition to this, the lighting system of this scooter is LED based right from the headlights to the turning indicator signals as well as some decorative strips.

One really has to see the video to capture the scooter’s tilting mechanism, which is quite a spell bounding feature. Although there is no word yet about its pricing but there is a speculation prevailing that it will be more expensive than its tilting counterparts.

Via: Gizmag

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